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Puppy Classes - June 2022

Positive Paws Dog Training will be starting a new set of face to face puppy classes again Saturday 11th June 2022 at 09.30am at the Stanwell Moor Village hall. 

All classes run for 6 week at 1 hour per week. 

There will be a maximum of 6 puppies in the class. I will ensure a minimum of two metres distance between everyone. All handlers are asked to bring their own hand sanitiser.

You will learn all the essential behaviours in order to live harmoniously with your furry friend. So if you want to learn lots of new things and have fun with your puppy at the same time then come and join our classes.
This is a 6 week course at £90 per dog.

Dog Parkour UK Workshops - June 2022

What is Dog Parkour? 

Parkour is a fun, interactive sport that you can do with your dog anywhere.  We will look at the 5 main behaviours required for Level 1 which you can then use to have fun with your dog in everyday life and to gain more focus and interactivity on your walks.  Parkour focuses on choice for our dogs so no dog is forced to perform any of the behaviours but it can help build confidence interacting with different surroundings and surfaces. 


Level 1 is all performed on lead and behaviours are modified for dogs of any age or ability and is assessed across 3 different environments which are Built, Urban and Natural. 


The workshops will be as follows:


1. Wednesday 1st June 6:30pm to 8pm - Built (Moveable man made items)

This will be held at the Stanwell Moor Village Hall (dependent on availability) and you will be asked to bring a selection of items for us to teach the dogs the foundation exercises within the Built environment. 

2. Wednesday 8th June 6:30pm to 8pm - Urban

This will be held in Staines town centre using Urban equipment. 


3. Wednesday 15th June 6:30pm to 8pm - Natural

This will be held in Laleham Park using Natural equipment. 


This is £90 for the 3 workshops. 

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